Welcome from Keith Sewell

Keith SewellEpistemology, Leaving Truth3 Comments

Greetings! For up-front honesty, and time efficiency: This is a strongly atheistic blog-site. It’s for people who are already fairly sure that organized religion’s influence is, on balance, negative; and so would like to reduce it. I think that my book length essay collection, Leaving Truth contains some powerful new ideas for that. But more on them and the book can be found under … Read More

Good, God, and Truth

Allan HavinlingEthics4 Comments

(1) “There is no good without God.”   Who among us hasn’t been put on the defensive by this one?  I would put it on a short list of phrases that raise our hackles unnecessarily.  Our reaction seems to be born of a misunderstanding; one that may originate in a related phrase, (2) “If there is no God, then you can … Read More