Religous Belief and the Scientific Method

Bert BigelowScience49 Comments

In his essay, “Non-Overlapping Magisteria,” Steven Jay Gould introduced the “NOMA Principle,” which postulated that religion and science occupied mutually exclusive domains in human culture. As Gould explains, magisteria are teaching authorities. The word is derived from ‘magister,’ the Latin word for teacher and has nothing to do with majesty or awe. Richard Dawkins and others disagreed vehemently with Gould. … Read More

From DOMA to Hobby Lobby: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Jenn GouletPolitics, Social Issues2 Comments

With all the clashes between religion and government that have happened over the course of the last several months, most recently culminating in the infamous Hobby Lobby ruling by the Supreme Court, I’ve kept busy doing what little I can to help combat the encroachment of theocracy. Several times over the last few weeks I’ve thought to write something about the … Read More