The mistakes of biblical literalism and inerrancy

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When I listed the dimensions of religion I listed some dimensions that depended on others and some that don’t, some that are required to be considered a religion and some that don’t.  I already covered issues about the existence of deity in “Still there remain …”.  Here I’ll discuss claims of biblical literalism and inerrancy.  Here’s what I wrote on … Read More

Dimensional bases of religion

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Religion has an assortment of dimensions.  Some are independent others dependent.  Some are necessary some are not.  Some are sufficient some are not.  Discussions of religion often make assertions that are incorrect or irrelevant so maybe a discussion of these bases will help.  This discussion is intended as a starting point for making judgments about the claims of theists and … Read More

Yet still there remain

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Most people never have any direct personal observation of the spirits of the world nor of a deity (a distinction of size not of type).  Yet still there remain a small percentage across time and across the world have direct personal observation. There are claims that deities were made up.  But still there remain … There are claims that deities … Read More

Direct personal observation and the problem of instrumentation

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Sometimes people have direct personal observations that can not be confirmed by instrumental detection.  Over time the number of examples declines but it does not appear to be converging on complete coverage. Across time there has always been a majority percentage of people who have no direct personal observations of spirits.  Across time there has always been a minority percentage … Read More

Complete coverage by science not guaranteed but widely believed

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I’m currently doing a series of articles that lead us into the regions of ambiguity.   The previous posts where about accuracy of data and expanded coverage of science over what direct personal observation affords.  The next two posts are about limitations that come with instrumentation and thus the limitations that come with the instrumental approach in science.  Then we’ll have … Read More

Asymptotic convergence by science within a field

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One of processes of science is falsifying incorrect ideas.  Once an explanation if offered it is subject to falsification when it’s just plain wrong.  But when it’s close enough to be useful it instead becomes subject to refinement.  Some refinements can be counted as replacements others not. Assuming there is an underlying reality that is being addressed by science, when … Read More