Happy Thanksgiving everyone in the US

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A historically secular holiday.  Good stuff. Harvest festivals have a long religious tradition from the time before separation of church and state.  Harvest festivals have a long religious tradition before the idea of churches.  This particular harvest festival is newer than all that and is historically secular. I have the patience to brew my own ale and mead, but I … Read More

Monotheism and polytheism

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I’ve been discussing the dependent and independent bases of religion about one topic per week.  This time I’ll discuss the number of deity.  For an assortment of reasons there’s less difference between monotheism and polytheism than most theologists claim.  Here’s what I wrote on the topic before – “Single versus multiple deities – Dependent, not necessary, sufficient … “Across the … Read More

The Ethics of Religious Privilege in Tax Exemption in the United States

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In our secularly governed United States, Churches*, non-profit and for-profit religious organizations, and religious individuals continue to enjoy, and too often abuse, a privileged status that releases them from their obligations to their country, their communities, their congregations, their employees, their customers, and their families. This privilege manifests itself in many ways. On an individual level, abuse of privilege can … Read More

Shiny, Happy Children Holding Guns

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So… Veteran’s Day. I’ve been debating whether or not to share any of my observations on this today. It seems to be the politically correct thing to do on social media sites to give at least an acknowledging nod to the day. I’m not one to do things just because it’s what is expected, proper, or because everyone else is. … Read More

Creation deites and resulting claims

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It may seem like all religions do or should have creation myths, but some are very different from others. Some religions Hindu view time and the universe as infinite.  Existence simply exists without creation.  Hindu offers multiple origin myths  but they are all starting points for events within the infinite and usually turning points of cycles not something from nothing … Read More