Two arms and a head guy

Allan HavinlingCommunication, Epistemology, Leaving Truth4 Comments

There has of late been much content produced on Popper’s Inversion which is close enough to the Leaving Truth philosophy to either be confused with it or seen as a counter-argument. I am referring here to the Doug Freyburger’s first three articles of Oct 2014, and his contributions to the long discussion of the article Religious Belief and the Scientific … Read More

Claims that morality is authored by a creator deity

Doug FreyburgerEpistemology, Ethics, Social Issues1 Comment

I’ve been going through my list of dimensions in religion.  This is what I wrote previously on claims that a creator deity authored morality – “Morality having been designed by the creator and therefore determined by one religion – dependent, not necessary, sufficient. “If deities don’t exist this dimension gets reduced to zero and it is thus dependent. If deities … Read More