Dimension – Existence of the soul

Doug FreyburgerCommunication, Epistemology, Social Issues7 Comments

In my early write up I described this dimension as “Of questionable dependence, not necessary, not sufficient.” “Existence of the soul depends on direct personal observation.  Originally the belief probably came from the observation that the moment of death is often obvious and the difference between a live and a dead body is usually obvious.  The distinction of vegetative life … Read More

Problem of the Commons

Keith SewellEnvironment, Ethics, Social Issues34 Comments

Our species now faces, for the first time in its history, a number of crucial decisions that can only be made at the global level. This is because they are all, substantially, ‘Problem of the Commons’ decisions. They’re about voluntarily reducing our environmental impact in ways that would at least slightly and temporarily disadvantage any nation-state or corporation that might … Read More