Echos of Nuremberg

Keith SewellPolitics12 Comments

I’ve just finished watching Trump’s Republican nomination acceptance speech. Am now starting to think the previously unthinkable; that he could win. From the message, to the delivery, to the background and staging, he is pushing all of the same buttons as were used to such devastating effect by Hitler and Mussolini.

Hacking the Root Problem

Keith SewellEpistemology, Leaving Truth2 Comments

Introduction & Dedication Here is a tiny sliver of Titus Lucretius’ epic poem ‘De Rerum Natura’ (‘The Nature of Things’): Fear holds dominion over mortality Only because, seeing in land and sky So much the cause whereof no wise they know, Men think Divinities are working there. Meantime, when once we know from nothing still Nothing can be create, we … Read More

Math, truth and the puzzle of physics

Doug FreyburgerCommunication, Epistemology, Science3 Comments

Link to Albert Einstein quote about math As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain, and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality. One of the ideas taught here is that there is no such thing as absolute truth.  General semantics teaches that all knowledge is provisional. Anyone who … Read More