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About Us

We are individuals who have come to understand that ‘truth’ is irrational. This is not to say that reality is irrational. It is to say that the knowledge that we garner from it does not (and reasonably cannot) rise to the level of describing reality on reality’s terms. Instead, we describe reality on our own terms. We hold that ‘reality on reality’s terms’ is the meaning that we have typically been intending – and that we must intend in order to avoid redundancy – when we invoke our ‘truth’ concept.

Furthermore, we hold that failure to appreciate this simple philosophy – and it is wickedly simple despite what we have to go through to get it across – is the source of a great many of society’s ills. While we fully support those who champion the causes of pollution, deforestation, global warming and the like, we feel that there is a pressing need for someone to go after what we see as the root cause of most such problems: The vast negative feedback loop between our maintenance of baselessly held ‘truths’ and the crippling of our capacity for honest and effective reasoning. We believe that we have been maintaining our ‘truth’ concept as an independent basis for knowledge propagation. From this basis we have been maintaining a great many specific knowledge proposals which have been emotionally seductive, and even socially adaptive, but which have been standing in deep opposition to our development of capacity for clear thought. We believe, most simply, that our ‘truth’ concept’s liabilities can now be clearly shown to outweigh its benefits.

This website, and the book Leaving Truth are the first attempts we know of to tie ‘truth’ and societal ills together and make a full frontal assault on the former.

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