Another adult gives up and leaves the building

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I just read through Jeff Flake’s political retirement speech. What a contrast, even in its content and delivery, to the typical speeches and tweets of its target. Most of Trump’s utterances are false, and/or silly, and/or syntactically incoherent. I’m sorry to see Senator Flake bow out, but can certainly understand his reasons for doing so. His powerful speech may even be enough to do some good. But I suspect that he’ll just be shouted down by the Trumpets as a ‘looser’.

3 Comments on “Another adult gives up and leaves the building”

  1. Doug Freyburger

    I suggest that folks are reacting incorrectly to Trump. For those who are Trump opponents that’s a problem. It means they aren’t being effective.

    I suggest that Trump is not a politician going for legacy. He’s an entertainer going for ratings. Plus he takes a lesson from Bela Legosi that there’s no such thing as bad publicity. What Trump wants is to appear in the media and he doesn’t care if the reviews are negative.

    The media loves to trash talk because bad news gets ratings.

    As a Libertarian I know my strategy has not been historically successful at levels above county. We get policies in place in counties and cities. Issues like traffic signal cameras and medical pot aren’t national.

    How to effectively counter Trump? I take it most of the regulars here want Democrats. Okay, is the way to go about that really for the media to repeat bad news about Trump, thus encouraging him? Such news does nothing to detract his supporters, nor does it have any effect of Republican loyalists. Those are two overlapping but distinct sets.

    I don’t think anyone here has the ability to get the media to slow down its bashing of Trump, but I suggest that at least we understand that doing so feeds him not starves him.

    Finding positive political news seems the goal. Good news doesn’t get ratings, though.

  2. Keith Sewell

    Trump’s older sister had it right, “Trump is P. T. Barnum”.

    On how we disappeared so far down our current rabbit hole: I can’t over-recommend Kurt Anderson’s recent article in The Atlantic, “How America Went Haywire”. He lays it out with verve and clarity, and includes all the main elements.

    To your last point: Never forget the fist rule of TV news editing, “If it bleeds, it leads”.

  3. Allan Havinling

    I would offer an alternative view of Trump as magician. His outrageous antics basically draw attention away from what would otherwise be real news; what in fact are his objectives. While we were screaming about his latest tweet insulting this person or that, or this group or that, he was busy gutting the EPA, striking environmental regulation, installing an anti-regulation governor at the Federal Reserve, eliminating class action rights, and on and on. (And this all while the media were crowing that he had only “one significant piece of legislation” passed in 2017.) He ran is campaign the same way, and for all I know it’s how he lived his life. He has been successful while being underestimated, time after time, in several different arenas (real estate, TV, politics). Whether he runs on deliberation or instinct, I can’t tell. But the magician’s credo, “Make them watch this hand instead of the other one”, seems to fit him well.

    So my answer would not be stop bashing Trump, but to not let *him* dictate the terms of the bashing.

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