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Practicing polytheist in a faith that has no conflict with science or reason. I regularly point out that only a tiny number of faiths have such problems though the two largest by population are among them. Interested ambiguity issues - Incompleteness of scientific coverage, asymptotic convergence within scientific fields, general semantics and all knowledge being provisional, the problem of instrumentation.

Math, truth and the puzzle of physics

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Link to Albert Einstein quote about math As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain, and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality. One of the ideas taught here is that there is no such thing as absolute truth.  General semantics teaches that all knowledge is provisional. Anyone who … Read More

Is consciousness easy with a paradigm shift?

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Atlantic magazine article about consciousness I’ve often discussed that I think human cognition has errors. Science, logic and philosophy are processes that reduce the number of errors but we will never know if there are errors of omission that we will never be able to detect. This article in The Atlantic magazine mentions this in a discussion that a paradigm … Read More

FFRF advertisement funny

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In a recent Scientific American magazine there was an ad by the Freedom From Religion Foundation that I found funny. “If salvation is the cure, atheism is the prevention”. I often write that atheism is a reaction against Christianity and/or Islam and that the rest of the religions of the world don’t care.  As such their ad is a sound … Read More

Dimension – Existence of the soul

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In my early write up I described this dimension as “Of questionable dependence, not necessary, not sufficient.” “Existence of the soul depends on direct personal observation.  Originally the belief probably came from the observation that the moment of death is often obvious and the difference between a live and a dead body is usually obvious.  The distinction of vegetative life … Read More

Claims that morality is authored by a creator deity

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I’ve been going through my list of dimensions in religion.  This is what I wrote previously on claims that a creator deity authored morality – “Morality having been designed by the creator and therefore determined by one religion – dependent, not necessary, sufficient. “If deities don’t exist this dimension gets reduced to zero and it is thus dependent. If deities … Read More

Happy Thanksgiving everyone in the US

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A historically secular holiday.  Good stuff. Harvest festivals have a long religious tradition from the time before separation of church and state.  Harvest festivals have a long religious tradition before the idea of churches.  This particular harvest festival is newer than all that and is historically secular. I have the patience to brew my own ale and mead, but I … Read More

Monotheism and polytheism

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I’ve been discussing the dependent and independent bases of religion about one topic per week.  This time I’ll discuss the number of deity.  For an assortment of reasons there’s less difference between monotheism and polytheism than most theologists claim.  Here’s what I wrote on the topic before – “Single versus multiple deities – Dependent, not necessary, sufficient … “Across the … Read More