Jenn Goulet

Jenn Goulet is a co-founder and former president of the Tri-City Freethinkers, a non-profit organization located in Eastern Washington. Jenn is committed to protecting human rights and promoting an absolute separation of church and state by bringing important issues to the attention of the secular public, encouraging participation in secular causes, and lobbying local- and national-level elected officials.

Democratic Socialism: the Solution to Gun Violence

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We’ve seen an alarming number of shootings on college campuses this week in America. There have been three that I know of, with two of those occurring in a single day. In all, these incidents left 12 dead and 13 injured. There have now been a total of 52 college campus shootings this year alone, killing 30 and injuring 53. … Read More

The Ethics of Religious Privilege in Tax Exemption in the United States

Jenn GouletEthics, Politics13 Comments

In our secularly governed United States, Churches*, non-profit and for-profit religious organizations, and religious individuals continue to enjoy, and too often abuse, a privileged status that releases them from their obligations to their country, their communities, their congregations, their employees, their customers, and their families. This privilege manifests itself in many ways. On an individual level, abuse of privilege can … Read More

Shiny, Happy Children Holding Guns

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So… Veteran’s Day. I’ve been debating whether or not to share any of my observations on this today. It seems to be the politically correct thing to do on social media sites to give at least an acknowledging nod to the day. I’m not one to do things just because it’s what is expected, proper, or because everyone else is. … Read More

From DOMA to Hobby Lobby: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

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With all the clashes between religion and government that have happened over the course of the last several months, most recently culminating in the infamous Hobby Lobby ruling by the Supreme Court, I’ve kept busy doing what little I can to help combat the encroachment of theocracy. Several times over the last few weeks I’ve thought to write something about the … Read More

Why I Am a Confrontational Atheist

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A Christian friend once commented on a Facebook post of mine, “Why do you atheists have to be so confrontational? Why can’t you just live and let live? Let people believe what they want because they aren’t hurting anyone!” I’ve decided that expanding on my original response to this friend as my introductory post on this blog would be a … Read More