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Toward a common narrative

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There have been many expressions which are either wholly new or have been given new meaning in the last 30 years or so. I generally approve of the additions to our language, thinking them either more precise, more honest, or both, than what we had before. Think of “going forward” instead of “from now on”, or ending correspondence with “Thanks” … Read More

Preparing the Ax

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Trump transition team seeks details on Energy Dept. workers So says the Associated Press. The implication is that Trump is preparing to purge the DOE and its contractors of top level executives and scientists involved in renewable energy. The one silver lining appears to be that the war on renewables will not be a war on all carbon-friendly energy production. … Read More

‘Why?’ and the Global Warming Debate

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At the outset, I would like to define a collection of words that may not be “standard”, but suit my purposes, as follows: consciousness – A sense of one’s own existence. teleologic – Acting to achieve an end result. This may be contrasted with activity (like rolling downhill) that merely reacts to impersonal forces. teleology – The capacity to act … Read More

Global Warming and Me

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I have been imagining writing a post on my personal experience with global warming for a long time. Every season seems to bring a new reason to do it. Last Summer it seemed there was a month’s worth of 100+ days between July and August, where 20 years ago we would get a handful. National Weather Service Data bear this … Read More

Objectivity and Leaving Truth

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One of the first things I had to grapple with in trying to understand the LT philosophy is how you square what you might call “objectivity” with lack of Truth. Indeed, what would objectivity even mean in this case? To survive as long as I did – as an atheist in a sea of believers, with problems requiring divine intervention … Read More

Two arms and a head guy

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There has of late been much content produced on Popper’s Inversion which is close enough to the Leaving Truth philosophy to either be confused with it or seen as a counter-argument. I am referring here to the Doug Freyburger’s first three articles of Oct 2014, and his contributions to the long discussion of the article Religious Belief and the Scientific … Read More

There are no gods in a foxhole

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“There are no atheists in a foxhole.” (NAF) I’m not sure I was even an atheist when I first heard this aphorism, and I’m not sure I even knew what a foxhole was. But I knew it was bad, and that the aphorism somehow therefore proved the existence of God. I evolved into an atheist despite the aforementioned proof to … Read More

Apples to Apples

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I am taking care of my granddaughter this week while my daughter is taking some time off. The little one is just starting to associate sounds with objects. The more pleasing an object is to her, the more likely it is to have a name other than “bah”. “Apple” is one of those objects with its own name, being called … Read More

Good, God, and Truth

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(1) “There is no good without God.”   Who among us hasn’t been put on the defensive by this one?  I would put it on a short list of phrases that raise our hackles unnecessarily.  Our reaction seems to be born of a misunderstanding; one that may originate in a related phrase, (2) “If there is no God, then you can … Read More