Preparing the Ax

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Trump transition team seeks details on Energy Dept. workers So says the Associated Press. The implication is that Trump is preparing to purge the DOE and its contractors of top level executives and scientists involved in renewable energy. The one silver lining appears to be that the war on renewables will not be a war on all carbon-friendly energy production. … Read More

‘Why?’ and the Global Warming Debate

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At the outset, I would like to define a collection of words that may not be “standard”, but suit my purposes, as follows: consciousness – A sense of one’s own existence. teleologic – Acting to achieve an end result. This may be contrasted with activity (like rolling downhill) that merely reacts to impersonal forces. teleology – The capacity to act … Read More

Global Warming and Me

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I have been imagining writing a post on my personal experience with global warming for a long time. Every season seems to bring a new reason to do it. Last Summer it seemed there was a month’s worth of 100+ days between July and August, where 20 years ago we would get a handful. National Weather Service Data bear this … Read More

Copernicus, Galileo, Darwin, Carson and Hansen

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Most readers will recognize the first three names in the title. A little head scratching might drag up Rachel Carson. But not many people will know that last name. Read on to find out what these five people have in common, and the identity of the last individual. Nicholas Copernicus (1473-1543) When Copernicus was in his early forties, around 1514, … Read More

The Sad Best Case

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This post is a follow-on to my previous post “Problem of the Commons“. It was originally written some months ago for the newsletter. — I’m writing this from the deck of my house on the Sea of Cortes’ Bay of Palms, with the sun rising over the water, small manta rays jumping, and a blue heron fishing at the surf’s … Read More

Problem of the Commons

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Our species now faces, for the first time in its history, a number of crucial decisions that can only be made at the global level. This is because they are all, substantially, ‘Problem of the Commons’ decisions. They’re about voluntarily reducing our environmental impact in ways that would at least slightly and temporarily disadvantage any nation-state or corporation that might … Read More