Problem of the Commons

Keith SewellEnvironment, Ethics, Social Issues34 Comments

Our species now faces, for the first time in its history, a number of crucial decisions that can only be made at the global level. This is because they are all, substantially, ‘Problem of the Commons’ decisions. They’re about voluntarily reducing our environmental impact in ways that would at least slightly and temporarily disadvantage any nation-state or corporation that might … Read More

Claims that morality is authored by a creator deity

Doug FreyburgerEpistemology, Ethics, Social Issues1 Comment

I’ve been going through my list of dimensions in religion.  This is what I wrote previously on claims that a creator deity authored morality – “Morality having been designed by the creator and therefore determined by one religion – dependent, not necessary, sufficient. “If deities don’t exist this dimension gets reduced to zero and it is thus dependent. If deities … Read More

The Ethics of Religious Privilege in Tax Exemption in the United States

Jenn GouletEthics, Politics13 Comments

In our secularly governed United States, Churches*, non-profit and for-profit religious organizations, and religious individuals continue to enjoy, and too often abuse, a privileged status that releases them from their obligations to their country, their communities, their congregations, their employees, their customers, and their families. This privilege manifests itself in many ways. On an individual level, abuse of privilege can … Read More

Good, God, and Truth

Allan HavinlingEthics4 Comments

(1) “There is no good without God.”   Who among us hasn’t been put on the defensive by this one?  I would put it on a short list of phrases that raise our hackles unnecessarily.  Our reaction seems to be born of a misunderstanding; one that may originate in a related phrase, (2) “If there is no God, then you can … Read More