Another adult gives up and leaves the building

Keith SewellPolitics3 Comments

I just read through Jeff Flake’s political retirement speech. What a contrast, even in its content and delivery, to the typical speeches and tweets of its target. Most of Trump’s utterances are false, and/or silly, and/or syntactically incoherent. I’m sorry to see Senator Flake bow out, but can certainly understand his reasons for doing so. His powerful speech may even … Read More

Preparing the Ax

Allan HavinlingEnvironment, PoliticsLeave a Comment

Trump transition team seeks details on Energy Dept. workers So says the Associated Press. The implication is that Trump is preparing to purge the DOE and its contractors of top level executives and scientists involved in renewable energy. The one silver lining appears to be that the war on renewables will not be a war on all carbon-friendly energy production. … Read More

‘Why?’ and the Global Warming Debate

Allan HavinlingEnvironment, Leaving Truth, Politics3 Comments

At the outset, I would like to define a collection of words that may not be “standard”, but suit my purposes, as follows: consciousness – A sense of one’s own existence. teleologic – Acting to achieve an end result. This may be contrasted with activity (like rolling downhill) that merely reacts to impersonal forces. teleology – The capacity to act … Read More

Echos of Nuremberg

Keith SewellPolitics12 Comments

I’ve just finished watching Trump’s Republican nomination acceptance speech. Am now starting to think the previously unthinkable; that he could win. From the message, to the delivery, to the background and staging, he is pushing all of the same buttons as were used to such devastating effect by Hitler and Mussolini.

Copernicus, Galileo, Darwin, Carson and Hansen

Bert BigelowEnvironment, Politics, Science15 Comments

Most readers will recognize the first three names in the title. A little head scratching might drag up Rachel Carson. But not many people will know that last name. Read on to find out what these five people have in common, and the identity of the last individual. Nicholas Copernicus (1473-1543) When Copernicus was in his early forties, around 1514, … Read More

Democratic Socialism: the Solution to Gun Violence

Jenn GouletPolitics, Social Issues3 Comments

We’ve seen an alarming number of shootings on college campuses this week in America. There have been three that I know of, with two of those occurring in a single day. In all, these incidents left 12 dead and 13 injured. There have now been a total of 52 college campus shootings this year alone, killing 30 and injuring 53. … Read More

Computers, Brains and Accountability

Bert BigelowPolitics, Science, Social Issues5 Comments

I spent a good part of my working life programming computers. I started in the late 60’s, almost fifty years ago. Back then, computers were the size of houses, and the programs were punched on cards. Data storage was on magnetic tape. Processors were slow and memory was small. But in the early 70’s the microelectronics explosion happened. Memories grew … Read More

The Ethics of Religious Privilege in Tax Exemption in the United States

Jenn GouletEthics, Politics13 Comments

In our secularly governed United States, Churches*, non-profit and for-profit religious organizations, and religious individuals continue to enjoy, and too often abuse, a privileged status that releases them from their obligations to their country, their communities, their congregations, their employees, their customers, and their families. This privilege manifests itself in many ways. On an individual level, abuse of privilege can … Read More

Shiny, Happy Children Holding Guns

Jenn GouletPolitics, Social Issues3 Comments

So… Veteran’s Day. I’ve been debating whether or not to share any of my observations on this today. It seems to be the politically correct thing to do on social media sites to give at least an acknowledging nod to the day. I’m not one to do things just because it’s what is expected, proper, or because everyone else is. … Read More