Democratic Socialism: the Solution to Gun Violence

Jenn GouletPolitics, Social Issues3 Comments

We’ve seen an alarming number of shootings on college campuses this week in America. There have been three that I know of, with two of those occurring in a single day. In all, these incidents left 12 dead and 13 injured. There have now been a total of 52 college campus shootings this year alone, killing 30 and injuring 53. … Read More

Dimension – Existence of the soul

Doug FreyburgerCommunication, Epistemology, Social Issues7 Comments

In my early write up I described this dimension as “Of questionable dependence, not necessary, not sufficient.” “Existence of the soul depends on direct personal observation.  Originally the belief probably came from the observation that the moment of death is often obvious and the difference between a live and a dead body is usually obvious.  The distinction of vegetative life … Read More

Problem of the Commons

Keith SewellEnvironment, Ethics, Social Issues34 Comments

Our species now faces, for the first time in its history, a number of crucial decisions that can only be made at the global level. This is because they are all, substantially, ‘Problem of the Commons’ decisions. They’re about voluntarily reducing our environmental impact in ways that would at least slightly and temporarily disadvantage any nation-state or corporation that might … Read More

Computers, Brains and Accountability

Bert BigelowPolitics, Science, Social Issues5 Comments

I spent a good part of my working life programming computers. I started in the late 60’s, almost fifty years ago. Back then, computers were the size of houses, and the programs were punched on cards. Data storage was on magnetic tape. Processors were slow and memory was small. But in the early 70’s the microelectronics explosion happened. Memories grew … Read More

Claims that morality is authored by a creator deity

Doug FreyburgerEpistemology, Ethics, Social Issues1 Comment

I’ve been going through my list of dimensions in religion.  This is what I wrote previously on claims that a creator deity authored morality – “Morality having been designed by the creator and therefore determined by one religion – dependent, not necessary, sufficient. “If deities don’t exist this dimension gets reduced to zero and it is thus dependent. If deities … Read More

Happy Thanksgiving everyone in the US

Doug FreyburgerSocial Issues1 Comment

A historically secular holiday.  Good stuff. Harvest festivals have a long religious tradition from the time before separation of church and state.  Harvest festivals have a long religious tradition before the idea of churches.  This particular harvest festival is newer than all that and is historically secular. I have the patience to brew my own ale and mead, but I … Read More

Monotheism and polytheism

Doug FreyburgerCommunication, Social Issues8 Comments

I’ve been discussing the dependent and independent bases of religion about one topic per week.  This time I’ll discuss the number of deity.  For an assortment of reasons there’s less difference between monotheism and polytheism than most theologists claim.  Here’s what I wrote on the topic before – “Single versus multiple deities – Dependent, not necessary, sufficient … “Across the … Read More

Shiny, Happy Children Holding Guns

Jenn GouletPolitics, Social Issues3 Comments

So… Veteran’s Day. I’ve been debating whether or not to share any of my observations on this today. It seems to be the politically correct thing to do on social media sites to give at least an acknowledging nod to the day. I’m not one to do things just because it’s what is expected, proper, or because everyone else is. … Read More

The mistakes of biblical literalism and inerrancy

Doug FreyburgerCommunication, Epistemology, Social Issues5 Comments

When I listed the dimensions of religion I listed some dimensions that depended on others and some that don’t, some that are required to be considered a religion and some that don’t.  I already covered issues about the existence of deity in “Still there remain …”.  Here I’ll discuss claims of biblical literalism and inerrancy.  Here’s what I wrote on … Read More