Thoughts from ‘Enlightenment NOW’

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I recently finished reading Stephen Pinker’s latest, Enlightenment NOW. It’s very good, but not quite what you might expect from the title. I was hoping for a powerful case, and maybe even some action-item suggestions, for our recommitment to full strength (‘European Enlightenment grade’) reason. Something to at least give some push back against our now rising tide of emotionally … Read More

The High Cost of Ignorance

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I’ve just finished reading Kurt Andersen’s new book (‘Fantasyland’ subtitle ‘How America Went Haywire, a 500-Year History’). The book was superb, and full of copy/paste worthy quotes by the author, but instead I’m pasting here one that he borrowed from Hannah Arendt: “A mixture of gullibility and cynicism have been an outstanding characteristic of mob mentality before it became an … Read More

Toward a common narrative

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There have been many expressions which are either wholly new or have been given new meaning in the last 30 years or so. I generally approve of the additions to our language, thinking them either more precise, more honest, or both, than what we had before. Think of “going forward” instead of “from now on”, or ending correspondence with “Thanks” … Read More

The Mammoth in the Room, Trump and Climate Change

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There were hundreds of good reasons why we should not have elected Mr. Trump. But one was orders of magnitude more serious than the rest. Surprisingly little was said about it during the campaign, but I think that it’s now the main reason why so many young people are finding it almost impossible to put down their protest signs and … Read More

Relevant Songs

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I’ve just been listening to a fine old Genesis song, which I think would resonate with Donald Trump’s supporters. It’s called ‘The Knife’.

There are no gods in a foxhole

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“There are no atheists in a foxhole.” (NAF) I’m not sure I was even an atheist when I first heard this aphorism, and I’m not sure I even knew what a foxhole was. But I knew it was bad, and that the aphorism somehow therefore proved the existence of God. I evolved into an atheist despite the aforementioned proof to … Read More