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  • Another adult gives up and leaves the building

    I just read through Jeff Flake’s political retirement speech. What a contrast, even in its content and delivery, to the typical speeches and tweets of its target. Most of Trump’s utterances are false, and/or silly, and/or syntactically incoherent. I’m sorry to see Senator Flake bow out, but can certainly understand his reasons for doing so. His powerful speech may even be ever be enough to do some good. But I suspect that he’ll just

  • Rereading Bill McKibben’s ‘Eaarth’ on a Long Flight Over It

    The journey – from LA to Mumbai, via Newark – was supposed to take 21 hours. But, in spite of heroic flight time reductions by both pilots, it ended up taking over 24. We had an hour’s delay on departure, and then a further hour circling over Newark’s sodden runways due to the backup from Hurricane Jose. Then another 90 minutes departure delay, and then almost 2 hours waiting to land on Mumbai’s one

  • Preparing the Ax

    Trump transition team seeks details on Energy Dept. workers
    So says the Associated Press.

    The implication is that Trump is preparing to purge the DOE and its contractors of top level executives and scientists involved in renewable energy.

    The one silver lining appears to be that the war on renewables will not be a war on all carbon-friendly energy production. The same article says that Trump will try to open Yucca Mountain, an

  • The Mammoth in the Room, Trump and Climate Change

    There were hundreds of good reasons why we should not have elected Mr. Trump. But one was orders of magnitude more serious than the rest. Surprisingly little was said about it during the campaign, but I think that it’s now the main reason why so many young people are finding it almost impossible to put down their protest signs and go home.

    We are either right at, or we have already passed*, the point of

  • Relevant Songs

    I’ve just been listening to a fine old Genesis song, which I think would resonate with Donald Trump’s supporters. It’s called ‘The Knife’.