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  • Preparing the Ax

    Trump transition team seeks details on Energy Dept. workers
    So says the Associated Press.

    The implication is that Trump is preparing to purge the DOE and its contractors of top level executives and scientists involved in renewable energy.

    The one silver lining appears to be that the war on renewables will not be a war on all carbon-friendly energy production. The same article says that Trump will try to open Yucca Mountain, an

  • The Mammoth in the Room, Trump and Climate Change

    There were hundreds of good reasons why we should not have elected Mr. Trump. But one was orders of magnitude more serious than the rest. Surprisingly little was said about it during the campaign, but I think that it’s now the main reason why so many young people are finding it almost impossible to put down their protest signs and go home.

    We are either right at, or we have already passed*, the point of

  • Relevant Songs

    I’ve just been listening to a fine old Genesis song, which I think would resonate with Donald Trump’s supporters. It’s called ‘The Knife’.

  • Recent article about science being right or wrong

    Article about science being right or wrong

    Yet another article that doesn’t get that science works by approximation.  They make the usual mistake of thinking in terms of absolute truth or falsehood.

  • ‘Why?’ and the Global Warming Debate

    At the outset, I would like to define a collection of words that may not be “standard”, but suit my purposes, as follows:
    consciousness – A sense of one’s own existence.
    teleologic – Acting to achieve an end result. This may be contrasted with activity (like rolling downhill) that merely reacts to impersonal forces.
    teleology – The capacity to act teleologically.

    I act teleologically.
    I perform many teleologic acts.
    I have